Martichoras Smite Build Game

Martichoras Smite Build Game

If you’re a fan of Smite, a popular online multiplayer game, you might be familiar with the powerful and fearsome creature known as the Martichoras. The Martichoras is a mythical beast with a lion’s body, bat-like wings, and a scorpion’s tail. In this article, we will explore the best build for the Martichoras in Smite, focusing on its strengths and playstyle. So buckle up and get ready to unleash devastation on the battlefield with the Martichoras smite build game!


In Smite, the Martichoras is classified as a hunter, excelling in dealing high amounts of damage from a distance. With its unique blend of physical and magical abilities, the Martichoras is a force to be reckoned with. To make the most of its potential, it’s crucial to build the Martichoras with a focus on damage output, attack speed, and sustainability.

Abilities Overview

Before diving into the build, let’s take a quick look at the Martichoras’ abilities:

  1. Roaring Fury (Passive): After using an ability, the Martichoras’ next basic attack within 5 seconds deals additional damage and reduces the target’s protections.
  2. Savage Swipe: The Martichoras performs a powerful melee attack, damaging all enemies in front of it.
  3. Toxic Breath: The Martichoras spews poisonous breath in a cone, damaging and reducing the protections of enemies.
  4. Winged Barrage: The Martichoras unleashes a barrage of magical projectiles, damaging all enemies in its path.
  5. Venomous Tail: The Martichoras strikes with its venomous tail, dealing damage over time and slowing enemies.

Role and Playstyle

As a hunter, the Martichoras primarily fulfills the role of dealing damage to enemy gods and structures. Its playstyle revolves around positioning, kiting, and capitalizing on opportunities. The Martichoras should stay at a safe distance from enemies while utilizing its range and abilities to unleash devastating attacks.

Core Items

To optimize the Martichoras’ performance, consider including the following core items in your build:

  1. Devourer’s Gauntlet: This item provides lifesteal and increased physical power, enhancing the Martichoras’ survivability and damage output.
  2. Ninja Tabi: These boots grant attack speed and movement speed, improving the Martichoras’ mobility and basic attack speed.
  3. Executioner: This item reduces the enemy’s physical protections, allowing the Martichoras to deal more damage.
  4. Wind Demon: Wind Demon enhances critical strike chance, critical strike damage, and attack speed, making the Martichoras’ basic attacks more lethal.
  5. Deathbringer: This item further increases critical strike chance and critical strike damage, amplifying the Martichoras’ damage potential.

Skill Order

When leveling up the Martichoras’ abilities, prioritize the following skill order:

  1. Level up Toxic Breath first to maximize early poke and wave clear potential.
  2. Level up Winged Barrage next for increased damage output and wave clear.
  3. Level up Savage Swipe last, as it is primarily used for close-quarters combat.

Early Game Strategy

During the early game, focus on farming and gaining gold to purchase your core items. Stay cautious and maintain a safe distance from enemies, utilizing your range advantage. Coordinate with your support or team to secure early kills or objectives when opportunities arise.

Mid Game Strategy

As the game progresses into the mid phase, join team fights and prioritize objectives such as Gold Fury and towers. Use your abilities to poke and damage multiple enemies from a distance, allowing your team to secure kills. Keep an eye on the minimap and rotate to help your teammates in need.

Late Game Strategy

In the late game, the Martichoras shines as a damage-dealing powerhouse. Stick with your team and coordinate attacks on high-value targets, such as the enemy’s damage dealers or the Titan. Position yourself strategically and use your abilities to burst down enemies. Remember to retreat if you’re low on health and always communicate with your team.

Tips and Tricks

Here are some additional tips and tricks to maximize your effectiveness with the Martichoras:

  1. Use Roaring Fury: Make sure to activate Roaring Fury before engaging in combat to maximize your damage output.
  2. Positioning is Key: Maintain proper positioning and stay behind your frontline to minimize the risk of being targeted by enemies.
  3. Land Skill Shots: Practice aiming your skill shots, such as Toxic Breath and Winged Barrage, to hit multiple enemies and maximize your damage potential.
  4. Utilize Crowd Control: Coordinate with your teammates and capitalize on crowd control effects, such as stuns or slows, to secure kills.
  5. Stay Aware of Cooldowns: Keep track of your abilities’ cooldowns and use them strategically to optimize your damage and survivability.


The Martichoras is a formidable hunter in the game of Smite, capable of dealing massive damage from a safe distance. By following the suggested build and employing effective strategies, you can unleash the full potential of the Martichoras and dominate the battlefield.


Q1: What is the Martichoras’ role in Smite? A1: The Martichoras is classified as a hunter in Smite, specializing in dealing damage from a distance.

Q2: What are the core items for the Martichoras build? A2: The core items for the Martichoras build include Devourer’s Gauntlet, Ninja Tabi, Executioner, Wind Demon, and Deathbringer.

Q3: What abilities should I prioritize leveling up? A3: Level up Toxic Breath first, followed by Winged Barrage, and Savage Swipe last.

Q4: How should I play the Martichoras in the early game? A4: During the early game, focus on farming, staying safe, and coordinating with your team to secure kills or objectives.

Q5: What tips can you provide to improve my Martichoras gameplay? A5: Utilize Roaring Fury, maintain proper positioning, aim skill shots accurately, utilize crowd control, and stay aware of your abilities’ cooldowns.

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